Transformation Complete – Studio City Garage Door

Leaving the basic garage door behind offers any you some exciting possibilities that can add a great deal of style and personality to a house. This older home in Studio City has that small one-car garage popular in the ‘family car’ era that takes up most of the face of the garage. The original garage door seen below definitely needed much more than a fresh coat of paint.


Before Replacing Garage Door: Studio City, CA


Carriage door style garage doors are gaining great popularity today and work well with so many types of architecture here in Southern California. Not long ago, these were only available in the high end lines of garage doors. Luckily for homeowners everywhere, getting this look is now possible even in modestly priced doors. The U224 model from 1st UDT instantly removed that plain jane look from the structure as you see below.


After: Studio City Garage Door (No Hardware Yet)


The U224 is available in both long panel and short panel designs with a range of window inset choices, but the plain window is the right one to make it have that carriage door appeal. Just this far along in the project, this Studio City homeowner’s garage looks 100% better, but we’re not quite done yet.

There is no hardware available for this door model, and it looks great without it. However, Archway can always get the handle and hinge package from more expensive door lines and add it after the fact. One step up in the Steelite line you have the choice of just one style of hardware. Going into the Steelhouse line from 1st UDT, there is a wide variety of handles and door hinges to choose from, allowing you to get just the look you like best.


Complete with Hardware: Garage Door Replacement - Studio City


The exciting moment, adding the final touches to this upgraded U224 short panel garage door. Special order hardware never arrives with the door, so an extra trip to the customer’s home is necessary to add handles and hinges. ¬†Working with Archway, you will always get the most creative solutions to solve problems and get the new garage door look desired at the best price possible.

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