Your Garage Door: Thousand Oaks Curb Appeal

If you live in Thousand Oaks, CA, you enjoy great variety in architectural styles around town and perhaps in your very neighborhood. There is lots of warm climate influence from Spanish and the Mediterranean in the styling of many homes in the area. These Old World styles are accompanied by those that are essentially American from about 1920 to our modern era. Unlike many cities in our service area, we see more unity of architecture and the garage door. Thousand Oaks residents whose property value exceeds the $1,000,000 range seem to pay closer attention to making this mesh better with the colors and design of their home. But, not always.

The division of those who see their garage doors as important to the overall look of the house from the street and the homes where discord is found from place to place, and its not always that out of place white door. Sometimes, realizing that the basic white garage door is all wrong, the homeowner finds the closest in stock color to the right one. The result is at times just as out of place as if they stuck to standard white. We see the right color door with the wrong shapes too.

Think of your home’s exterior as you would deciding what to wear. It’s rare that one would combine polka dots with plaid. One is a curved shaped, and the other is very boxy. And so it goes with the features of your house and your garage doors, Thousand Oaks home owner. Whatever is off, your home isn’t making the best statement it could, as is seen in the following examples we see lots of room for curb appeal improvement based on garage doors. These houses range from the mid $300’s to well over $1,000,000 in value.


Exhibit A – NowThe entrance to any property includes the garage door. Thousand Oaks homeowners should give it just as much attention as the front door.

Exhibit A – PossibilitiesMaking the right statement at the curb? Don't forget the garage door, Thousand Oaks; it's impact is huge on home value and marketability.


Exhibit B – Now
A white house doesn't always need a white garage door. Thousand Oaks homes need more interest for great curb appeal.

Exhibit B – PossibilitiesIts amazing the impact found in choosing the right garage door. Thousand Oaks homes get an instant face lift  guaranteed to pay you back.

Just look at how much more interesting and attractive the homes in our two examples are simply by changing the garage door.  The first house the right concept was there, but the door selected was way too dark. By matching the color of the front door, Exhibit A could be a fabulous looking home from the street. Yes, our second example is a white house, but just look at the character it could have when picking up the lighter color of the roofing on the garage door. Adding windows also did the first part of this home seen from the curb a lot of good.


No matter what your home is worth in today’s market, all homeowners in our area of California are concerned about the environment and the cost of household energy use. Installing insulated garage doors actually saves you money every month for years on end by protecting the interior rooms that are around the garage or over it from climate extremes. Obviously, if you are using less electricity or gas to heat and cool your home, you’re also reducing your carbon footprint. Something every one should keep in mind when shopping for a new garage door.

While its not something you will need every month, or even seasonally, the quality of the door and opener system you choose is directly connected to the need for garage door repair. Thousand Oaks calls for service due to broken springs or the garage door off track get less and less common as door quality increases. The same is true of the operating system. These types of repairs are usually a surprise and can happen at the worst time possible. Additionally, not being able to get into or out of your garage can be an emergency.

We highly recommend that all homeowners purchase the best garage door and opener for their budget. Not only will your home be more attractive and more interesting when you look beyond the basic garage door, but you will definitely be saving money all the way around. On utilities, panel replacement and other garage door repairs.

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