Your Garage Door: Simi Valley Styles

As with any city, large or small, Simi Valley homes come in a wide range of price points and architectural styles. Driving around town, you see a mix of both older homes and those recently built. Perhaps, as with any professional that has experience in their field, we notice garage doors more than most people. Its like the landscaper who can spot a poor lawn cutting job a mile away or the plastic surgeon who looks at people’s noses and instinctively sees how he can improve their appearance. And so it is with us and garage doors, Simi Valley homeowners.

Should you start really looking at people’s garages as you drive around any neighborhood, you might notice, as we have, that most people don’t realize that these huge doors come in other colors besides white. Maybe no one has told them that steel garage doors can be turned into something awesome with artfully applied faux finishes and remain low maintenance. We’re not just talking about high priced doors here, this is true even with the more economy priced selections.

Why is it that homeowners pay less attention to the stylishness or curb appeal value of their garage door than they do the flowers planted next to the front porch? We suspect that they just haven’t had the wide world or garage doors unveiled to them, because people can certainly see the difference in one set of furniture over another or that the wrong color of shutters or shingles won’t do their curb appeal much good.

Instead of keeping up with the Jones’ and making these large expanses a cookie cutter element from one end of your street to the other, perhaps you should consider one upping the people next door. It will do wonders for making your property more outstanding, of that you can be certain. In fact, you could be the trendsetter that starts a domino effect that can actually be the key to raising home values on your block. With garage doors? Simi Valley real estate market facts prove that a great looking garage door will repay you 90% of the investment. Better yet, they have as much impact on your marketability as the front door.


Exhibit A – Now 
The average garage door Simi Valley home sellers though new won't bring as much market value as you could command.

Exhibit A – Possibilities 
The real color of this garage door, Simi Valley, is darker and would boost this home's market value.


Exhibit B – Now
Balancing the elements of a house and bringing its character out is easily begun with the garage door. Simi Valley homes for sale will sell better if you use this tactic.

Exhibit B – Possibilities 

Draw out the real beauty of any home quickly with the right garage door. Simi Valley streets gain great interest without all those white doors.



Exhibit C – Now
A garage door, Simi Valley, isn't a window frame, its a major part of a wall. White is all wrong here!

Exhibit C – Possibilities
It's amazing what happens when you install the right garage door. Simi Valley homeowners of any price point will benefit. 


Exhibit D – Now
Work with the elements on your house rather than against it with your garage door. Simi Valley homes need balance for the best curb appeal.

Exhibit D – Possibilities
Work with the elements on your house rather than against it with your garage door. Simi Valley homes need balance for the best curb appeal. 


The better quality of construction and materials, the less need you will have for garage door repair. Simi Valley homeowners aren’t all aware of that fact. Many times, not realizing how important better quality is to saving money in the future, people make their purchasing decision here like they would any utilitarian object. They spend the least amount of money possible. The result is that the will need to call for repairs on garage door panels, broken springs, door off track and even recurring repairs on their garage door opener.

Yes, its part of your garage, but its also something you use everyday and it has tremendous influence on the exterior appearance of your home. Sure, you can buy a garage door in our area for less than $400 dollars, but without a doubt you’ll be looking for garage door repair services soon after. It’s just the nature of low quality things. Quality products don’t cost as much as you think, in the long run with things that are used a great deal and exposed to the elements actually pay off. Invest wisely in both style and construction, and you’ll be glad you made that decision for a number of important reasons.

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