The Garage Door: Camarillo Homes with Style

Driving around Camarillo, CA, one sees just about all styles of home architecture. From the Spanish heritage of the area’s past to sleek modern designs, the properties around town offer a wonderful mixture of home styles that span centuries and oceans. The best looking homes in any neighborhood will be those that the architectural features and the color scheme has been used in a way to bring out or enhance its character or charm. Many times we see homes that could be sensational, if the owner had not overlooked the garage door. Camarillo streets could be so much more interesting than they are.

Until just a few years ago, garage doors were more of less things of utility. Whatever the builder put up was what we lived with until many years later. Like everything else around or on the exterior of a house, the garage door has evolved into an important element, one that no homeowner should ignore. This is especially true in today’s real estate market where the smartest looking and best maintained homes sell fast while the rest usually end up with a price reduction in hopes of attracting a buyer.

Like many cities here in California and across the country, the majority of homeowners don’t seem to be aware that there are options available beyond the basic white garage door. Camarillo is no exception to the rule. Contrary to popular belief, white garage doors don’t do most homes much justice. You should be paying just as much attention to the color and style of the garage door as you do the front door. Its a huge player in creating curb appeal and many times larger than anyone’s front door.


Exhibit A – Now 

Just because the builder gave you a white garage door, Camarillo, doesn't mean it looks right.

Exhibit A – Possibilities



Exhibit B – Now 

Camarillo garage doors that don't work with the colors of a house make the property loose value. There are far better choices available than white doors.

Exhibit B – Possibilities

Camarillo garage doors are often the first thing people see. The wrong door costs you tons of curb appeal.


Exhibit C – Now

Did you know that the wrong garage doors, Camarillo homeowner, detract from your home's value? 

Exhibit C – Possibilities

Garage doors, Camarillo, make up a large part of a home's curb appeal. Gain more impact with this single home improvement. 


Upgrading to a quality garage door for curb appeal purposes is definitely not inexpensive, but the investment will pay for itself. It’s a proven fact that you will reap 90% of your cost on a well built, great looking garage door when your house is sold. Additionally, your home will sell faster if you’ve chosen the right door design and color – its all part of staging a home to attract a buyer quickly.


In most communities, security at home is of great concern. Homeowners should be aware of the fact that both the quality of their garage door and even the operating system can increase home security. This is especially true in all homes with attached garages that open directly into the home from an inner door. You should be aware that the R value of any garage door will do a great deal to assist you in using less energy. The higher the rating of the insulation, the lower your carbon footprint will be and right along with it, your utility bills.

And what of the quality of the door itself? Before you run out buy the lowest priced door possible, consider the fact that thinner shell materials have enticing price tags. They will also be high maintenance. A low maintenance door will be one that won’t have you calling for garage door repair, Camarillo, because a dropped bicycle of the kids’ ball bounced into it. Quality doors will not have you constantly in need of panel replacement to keep up your curb appeal.

The same is true of your garage door opener. Lesser quality operating systems won’t give your lifetime warranties on motors, and you’re guaranteed to have issues like broken springs and door off track. The last thing you need is to be late for work or stuck in the driveway in the middle of the night waiting for the garage door repairman to arrive and set things straight again. Who has time for that these days?

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