About Your Garage Doors, Ventura

Homes around the city of Ventura come from all eras and are influenced by a variety of cultures. Architectural styles naturally feature both contemporary and period homes that can be American, Spanish, or Mediterranean. No matter what neighborhood or price range the home is in, its curb appeal will definitely be heightened with the right garage door. Ventura homeowners that aren’t located in an affluent area can still get some great home improvement tips by studying the way the elements on these houses is brought together.

All the exterior features of any home need to work together to combine into a pleasing whole. This involves things like shapes, textures and colors, something really crucial to pulling off good curb appeal in any property price range. Garage doors, Ventura homeowner,  may seem to be a utility element. Yet, on many houses they are close to, and on the same side as the front door. Just their location ties them directly to what your house looks like from the street. In today’s real estate market, this means great attention needs to be paid to this door.

If your home has arches on the windows and doors, repeating this shape on the garage door is an excellent choice. Homes that have no curves need more of a squared off set of lines instead. The basic garage door comes in other colors besides white, though more homes display that color than any other. Even a white house can look more attractive if you choose a different colored garage door, as long as you stick to one that works well with everything else.

Another thing many people aren’t aware of is the investment in upgrading your curb appeal with the right garage door pays off nicely. The price of quality Ventura garage doors may seem a bit expensive, but you’ll get back at least 90% of the cost when you sell the home. Additionally, with a more attractive look, your home will sell much faster and usually at a better closing offer.


Exhibit A – Now Ventura garage doors should be selected to look right with the overall house. On this home, a standard white door is all wrong.

Exhibit A – PossibilitiesSelecting Ventura garage doors to accent a home properly usually means departing from traditional white and average door design.

Exhibit B – Now Just having new garage doors, Ventura homeowners, isn't up to date today. The standard white garage door does nothing for most people's property values.

Exhibit B – PossibilitiesAdd instant interest and curb appeal to any home with garage doors. Ventura, CA homes with the right door sell faster and at better prices.

Probably one of the fastest, easiest ways to add curb appeal with great impact to any house’s curb appeal is with garage doors. Westlake Village homes usually look ten times better with something besides that timeworn, basic white door. To pull off instant change that works, both color and shapes used in the design are important. Echo the window shapes and color of the front door, trim or roofing to find the desirable curb appeal impact.


Replacing a garage door isn’t always about upping your curb appeal. Don’t worry about your house looking out of place on the street if everyone else still has that standard white door. You could start off a chain reaction and improve the whole neighborhood’s appearance, which in turn will do wonders for your market value yet again.

It may be tempting to settle on a less expensive garage door, but before you do it is wise to consider the added costs you’ll need to cover once it is on your house. Quality of materials and construction are directly connected to the price of the door. Thinner metal outer shells can be so thin that one game of basketball and you’ll need panel replacement. Plan ahead on other types of garage door repair. Ventura needs for broken springs and door off track will be a part of home maintenance costs. Better quality doors have far less problems and save you money in the long run.

What about security? A well built door will be far more secure than those with really low price tags. Then there is the cost of heating and cooling your home. A good quality garage door with a high R rating can and will reduce the energy use in the rooms on top of or next to the garage. In extreme weather, the added monthly savings will no doubt be welcome, along with the fact that you’re being a good Earth citizen and reducing your carbon footprint.

As you can see, there are a lot of great reasons to get the right garage door. This investment, made wisely, not only pays off – it can save you from surprise expenses and other annoying issues in the future. The same can be said about your choice of garage door opener. Quality always gives you better value and less hassle.

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