Remodeling Face Lift – Mission Hills

It’s really quite amazing just how much garage doors affect the way a home looks. While remodeling repairs are still underway at the time we did this project, the new door does the structure wonders. The homeowner chose the Universal Series model 224 Long Panel door, which will look sensational once they’ve painted the walls and wooden door frame.

Look at how drastic the instant face lift the new garage door creates compared to the before image below. Paint can cover up a whole lot of ugly, but you could never get this far with a fresh coat of paint alone.

Before Garage Door: Mission Hills

Here’s what the full effect of the new door looks like below. It really brings the face of the structure up to date, and about time too. That old door has been in service since the 1950’s at the very least.

After: New Garage Door - Mission Hills

We’ll be going back soon to check up on the progress of the rest of the remodeling. Obviously, we need a shot of the last step in this face lift project. All that stucco repair and peeled paint just doesn’t do the new door justice. Stay tuned for the final image in this makeover episode.

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