Quite A Makeover – The Garage With No Door

Getting a great buy on what was once a model home is awesome. Chances are it’s been well cared for and cleaned immaculately once the builder is finished selling his lots. A great looking home now, but originally when built, it had no garage door at all as the space was an office for the new development. Below is what the front of this garage looked like the day the homeowners signed the closing papers.


A builder's model can be a great buy, but plan on adding a garage door after taking occupancy. They might not have one.


Additionally, this Sonoma door design Cascade windows from the Wayne Dalton 8300-8500 series didn’t arrive with carriage door hardware. Archway added that afterwards and as you can see in the first image, it really added lots of character to the door.


Got a lead on a great builder's model? Buy it and give Archway Garage Doors a call.


It’s not likely that there are a large number of people out there that will buy a home that has a garage, but not garage doors. Should you come across a great buy on a model home though, now you know who to call to take care of that drawback quickly. So don’t walk away from that deal of a lifetime, you’ll probably find that the cost of a great door is a lot less than finding than house with the garage door ready and waiting for you. Better yet, you’ll instantly increase your equity level.

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