Marantec Garage Door Openers

You'll need far less garage door repair Calabasas with a Marantec operator in place.

Archway stands firmly behind Marantec products. Why? Quality of materials and engineering gives you the most reliable operating system available. Less repairs, less emergency situations, more security… like any well built machine, they’re an excellent¬†investment no matter which way you weigh your best options.

Archway Garage Doors is an authorized Marantec dealer. This is a top quality operating system with super quiet operation. Check out the video of one doing it’s job below.


Marantec Synergy 370: Garage Door Opener InstallationThe Marantec 370 has many assets that the savvy homeowner finds most attractive, beginning with the 850 Newtons of power and incredibly quiet motor.

  • Convenience
    • Simple operating system.
    • Smart Motor monitors and adjusts force to meet temperature, door movement, and floor height.
    • Self-diagnostic system for faster troubleshooting.
  • Performance
    • Reliable, durable, and powerful P3 motor.
    • Belt-driven DC motor for quiet operation.
    • Chain-driven available for heavy doors.
    • Battery backup available.
    • Energy savings:
      • Reduced standby power consumption.
      • LED lighting
  • Security
    • Manual emergency release for power outages.
    • Electronic monitoring of forced opening.
    • Maximum run timer.
    • Door closing alert system.
    • Safety reversal on touch.
    • Door closure warning light.
  • Warranty
    • DC (direct current) Operating System
    • Lifetime Motor Warranty
    • Lifetime Belt & Rail Warranty
    • 8-Year Warranty on Parts
    • 1-Year Warranty on Accessories
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