What Should You Know About Garage Door Openers?

Garage door operators, or openers as they are known to most people, are one of the most common reasons we get calls for garage door repair. Calabasas homeowners aren’t the only ones who find garage door opener malfunctions not only an inconvenience, but many times an emergency situation. Whether for security reasons, or you can’t get your car out of the garage to drive to work, repairing or replacing opener systems is always a high priority.

No matter what operating system brand you have, a call to Archway for garage door repair will provide you with a prompt, professional fix. Our expertise includes everything from motors to accessories that are part of your garage door opener.

When the warranty is up on an opener, like any other machine, you will soon need a new one. The alternative is constant breakdowns. For this reason, we highly recommend that you invest in a quality garage door operator. No, they aren’t cheap, but you can count on them to be reliable for many years to come. They run much quieter too. Surprisingly, it isn’t necessary to have the clacking and banging racket every time your garage door goes up and down. The most commonly installed openers are attractively priced and noisy for a good reason. They are designed to be that way.


Belt, chain or screw drive… Those are your options for garage door opener systems. Wondering which is better for your garage door opener? You will find many professionals installing screw drive opener systems at a savings, but for the homeowner this does mean a loss of quality. Rails are in several pieces with openers available at all the major home centers for do-it-yourself installations, however, professionally installed rails will always be in one solid piece, giving you a much stronger rail.

The quietest operating system will always be the belt drive with a DC motor. In fact, belt drive openers are your best investment in quality and dependability, where chain drive are entry level in both motor and rail. The decision isn’t just one you can make based on brand and model. You want to ensure that you have the right opener for the type of door you have. The size and weight of the door will determine the horsepower of the opener motor you will need. One that will deliver many years of trouble-free use.


Your best investment in garage door openers today will be one that gives you a well-designed operating system. One that won’t leave you hanging when the power goes out, and runs smoothly and quietly. Take a moment to investigate the best value on the market today for garage door operators. A range of models with various added conveniences and security features is available from either of these preferred brands below. One of the most exciting developments in openers today is LiftMasters’ new My Q. Control your garage door, lights, and more – from anywhere.

Learn more about LiftMaster garage door openers.

No need to worry about figuring out which one is best when you call Archway though. We’ll explain everything and help you reach the best decision for your situation and budget when we come out to your house on a free estimate and consultation visit.

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