Lancaster Double Swing Gate Adds Curb Appeal

Does that gate look far too familiar? No problem! We’d love to help you change that one above with a totally new look. Get an instant curb appeal booster with a Lancaster double swing gate made to fit your expanse. Your drive will look fantastic with a upscale wood and steel gate like the one below.


New Custom Lancaster Swing Gate: Composite Lumber & Steel


Now, this new gate may look like it’s real wood, perhaps something exotic. But it’s actually composite lumber inside a 2″ steel frame. Decking boards have a lot more uses than porch and outdoor living space flooring. The beauty of this custom design is two-fold. Here’s a Lancaster double swing gate that is low on maintenance and high on value – without costing a fortune. A reasonably priced path to boosting your curb appeal and getting another weekend back every year to do whatever you please instead of stripping, sanding, and power washing the driveway gate again so you can put a non-dilapidated finish on it again. And your new wood gate will never rot.

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