Double Everything – Acton Carriage Doors

If you were familiar with this house, you’d do a double take when driving by now. ┬áThis kind of home exterior alteration could bring the homeowner to drag a comfortable patio chair to the driveway in order to relax while pondering the next improvement possibility now that these Steelhouse Ranchero garage doors from 1st UDT and in place.

Yes, doors – rather than door, because there are two of these beautiful insulated carriage doors in place side by side. That would make it double the impact on the initial resulting upgrade impact. Not only that, to cut down on the use of lights inside the garage, the homeowner added a second row of small plain view windows to his order for this semi-custom set of garage doors for his home in Acton, CA. This option is only possible with the 8-foot tall door in this style.


Freshly installed steel carriage house door garage doors, Acton.


The inside appearance of 1st UDT’s insulated Steelhouse Series carriage doors is almost as lovely as the view from the street. Naturally, if you’re going to upgrade your garage door to all new heights like this, you’ll want a quality operator system too. This homeowner wisely chose the Marantec 4700E with smooth, super quiet operation and a lifetime warranty. Visit our Openers page to get a first hand look at one of these systems at work, its a video you won’t want to miss.


The interior appearance of a quality steel garage door.


No doubt the next step in adding great curb appeal to this home will be having a custom faux finish applied to really make these new garage doors spectacular. We’ll have to revisit this job now and then in the future so an update of what the garage doors and the house looks like when the custom paint job is in place and add a new photo to this page. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait too long, it’s always interesting to see what colors and wood or other textures were chosen to pull the whole aura of the architecture together.

Here’s before and after shots of this garage side by side below.


Before: Bland Garage Door, Action CA
New garage doors waiting ready for the faux finish artist.


It took the faux finish team a while to get to this client’s project, but it was well worth the wait. A totally transformed home. It now has what is known as ‘the art of approach’.


There's nothing like a great set of new residential garage doors to upgrade and uplift the curb appeal of Lancaster and Acton CA homes.


Simply gorgeous new carriage doors. Faux finished steel garage doors, Lancaster home remodeling with great style.

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