Help Me Choose the Right Garage Door

No matter what area you live in – from Antelope Valley and Lancaster to Simi Valley and Santa Monica, garage doors are a sizable investment. They are also a big part of the appearance of your home. There are many important factors to weigh beyond initial cost to purchase and install.

Elegance At a Savings

Your dream garage door may be rich, gleaming wood, but the cost just won’t fit into the budget. Did you know that stylish steel door designs can be treated with a faux finish to give you that desired appearance? Yes they can, and the finished result has more warmth and depth than printed wood grain finishes! Working with Archway Garage Doors will open your possibilities to new levels.

Door Quality & Future Repairs

Proper installation and quality doors and openers definitely do away with many a garage door repair Ventura homeowners and those in other locales of our service area find themselves facing. Since all doors we sell are quality brands, it will be quite some time before you’ll need repair service under normal use conditions.

Beyond Curb Appeal

You have both comfort and security features to consider in your choice of garage doors. Don’t just assume that security all lies in the mechanisms of your opener. Structural integrity of door and tracks also provide some measures of defense from easy intrusion. The things you need to weigh include:

•  Integrity of materials

•  Energy efficiency

•  Maintenance needs

•  Structural quality

•  Building code requirements

•  Cost

Still Can’t Reach a Decision?

Get the answers you need quickly. Dial (855) 272-3667 now to speak with the pros at Archway Garage Doors. We help customers make the right selection to meet their needs every day.


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