Garage Door Styles

The design styles of garage doors have changed pretty dramatically over the choices you had just a couple of decades ago. What was once a utilitarian part of the house is now given just as much character and design savvy as the rest of your home’s exterior. Given the large area they make up of the face of a house seen from the street, garage doors in Oxnard and every other town are a very important part of today’s curb appeal.

The architecture of a house is usually a big part of anyone’s selection of a garage door. Calabasas estate homes have a decidedly different character than a contemporary ranch home in Moorpark or Thousand Oaks. To keep the outer appearance of your home looking smart, you want to be sure you choose the right style before considering all the other important factors in getting the right door for your house.

Faux Finish Steelite
Great looking steel carriage doors, Steelite can be faux finished for the rich look of a wood garage door.


Steelite Carriage Door
Carriage house doors in no maintenance steel at an attractive price from Archway Garage Doors in Lancaster and Simi Valley.


Universal 325 Stained
The Universal Model 325 garage door with a faux finish and no windows is rich looking for contemporary or Mediterranean  southern California homes.


At Archway Garage Doors, we’ve worked with customers from all over the area and understand the need to be sure you’ve located the best door design to fit your house style. There are many options available, and making the right selection is easier once you’ve looked them all over. Don’t hem yourself in to just getting something similar to what is on your garage now in a newer, shinier version. There are some pretty amazing transformations one can accomplish in one easy step. Take a quick look at some of the ones we’ve witnessed on our Before & After pages.

The basic style groups are Traditional Raised Panel, Contemporary, and Carriage House. Its amazing just how many models there are to choose from before you even begin to consider totally custom garage doors. If that is where your real interest lies, you’ll be delighted to learn that Archway handles those as well, both in solid wood and low maintenance composite materials.

Say goodbye to the boring, outdated garage door! Just look at the beauty, interest and architecturally correct type of styles included in your choices today – from economical to fully custom solid wood doors. Additionally, this is one of the only home improvements that you will recoup about 90% of your investment in this part of California. Obviously, home buyers do notice your garage doors.

Rawhide Long Panel
Rawhide style doors from 1st UDT are available with or without top row windows - in 6 different styles.


Universal Short Panel
Economy model in garage doors still offers you a choice of windows and panels in four different colors.


Universal Flush Panel
Great contemporary look at an economical price with the flush panel garage door available from Archway Garage Doors.


Glass Contemporary Door
Glass garage doors have great modern design appeal, but also add plenty of natural light to the space.


Modern Louver Door
Not all carriage door designs have panels, as is seen with this louvered garage door model that can go with any home style.


Modern Custom Wood
Simply beautiful wood garage door. Calabasas contemporary home with extra character.


Arched Carriage Doors
Completely custom carriage doors from cedar are high quality and timeless style in garage doors.


Steel Carriage Doors
Get the character of carriage doors with quality steel garage doors. Oxnard neighbors will be green with envy.


Semi Custom Wood
Perfect garage door design for traditional architecture of any flavor, the wood carriage house door style is right at home here in California.



There’s a super simple solution to this dilemma. Call Archway right now at (855) 272-3667. We’d be delighted to help you locate the right garage door for your home.

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